How to prepare your dog for a new baby

A professional dog trainer takes us through what we need to do to prepare a dog for a new baby.

Are you expecting a new two-legged addition to your family? Wondering how your four-legged fur baby will react? Bringing a new baby home is an amazing, joyous occasion—but it's a big change for everyone, including your dog. In this event, Mike Rowland will guide you through the process of preparing your dog for the arrival of your baby. Mike, Founder and Owner of Animal Training and Development, is a recognized trainer and expert in dog behavior. He's been training dogs and their owners since 1988. Over the years, he has trained over 18,000 dogs (and even some dingoes). Learn more about Mike here.

In this event, we cover:

  • How to gradually acclimate your dog to the sights, sounds, and smells associated with a new baby.
  • Techniques for managing your dog's behavior and maintaining a calm environment.
  • Strategies for fostering positive interactions between your dog and baby.
  • Tips for balancing attention between your dog and your new baby.
  • And more!

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