Companies thrive when parents show up empowered and engaged.

Partner with neli to provide easy-to-access, holistic support for the parents in your workforce.


A complete and comprehensive support system for the parents in your workforce. 


Culture Building

Starting with a comprehensive parental culture audit, we create an actionable plan for organizational change.

Leaders are equipped with the tools they need to strengthen the parents on their teams and enhance workplace culture.

Employee Development

We partner with career coaches + providers like OBGYNs and therapists to create comprehensive programming for parents.

Individuals can access on-demand content, live coaching, workshops, and more dedicated to their total well-being.  Dedicated paths are available for birthing and non-birthing parents.

Community Sustainment

Our holistic approach to building community strengthens company culture and creates a more resilient organization.

Parents receive mentorship and support from other parents, building relationships and cultivating trusting, empowered workforces.

What's Good for Your People is Always Good for Your Busines


Average Savings

For every 100 employees who move their company ratings from poor/fair to excellent


Average Savings

For every 100 employees who move their growth & development ratings from poor/fair to excellent


Preventable Turnover

More than 3/4 of professionals who leave a job voluntarily can be retained by employers with the right offerings.

How it Works

Organizational Development

Our team conducts an in-depth survey of your employees to understand current sentiment around support, benefits, and parental well-being.

We partner with experts in organizational leadership to provide a recommendations and work with you to create a bespoke plan for your workforce.

Leadership Training

Executive teams and people managers receive access to consulting and coaching services that help them mitigate organizational risk, retain talent, learn how to support the moms on their teams, and ultimately strengthen workforces.

Training is available for managers at every level.

Events & Workshops

We'll work with your team to determine a series of live events and workshops that will address areas of need within your workforce.

We'll continuously pulse-check the organization to ensure the workshops are helpful and move the needle in all the right areas.

Specialized Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Over 80% of working mothers say their job is more challenging during the first year of their child’s life. That's why we provide specialized resource specifically for moms navigating this transition.

The new moms in your workforce receive unprecedented all-inclusive support, from access to OBGYNs and lactation consultants to leave planning workshops and 1:1 return to work planning.

A Dedicated Community

Parents gain access to neli's vibrant community dedicated to supporting each other and growing together.

Companies receive a private space within the community to engage their employees, provide resources, and cultivate a safe place for moms to show up for each other.

Learning & Development

Through our partnerships with doctors, lactation specialists, therapists, career coaches, nutritionists, and more, we offer parents holistic education dedicated to their total well-being.

They show up to work and in their families stronger, more resilient, and better prepared for the challenges they face.
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