90% of women become mothers. 43% leave the workforce.

You're here because you know there's a gap that exists between companies and the women and moms who work there. We're bridging the gap.

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How We Help

The Motherhood Initiative is a powerful approach to supporting the moms in your company.

Our bespoke offering gives organizations of all types and sizes a practical way to develop the workforce, improve employee sentiment, reduce turnover, and empower its people.  

Immersive Coaching and Consulting

We start by benchmarking the current state of maternal wellness. From there, we create an actionable plan for moving the needle in opportunity areas.

Our immersive consulting and coaching programs equip leaders with the tools they need to strengthen the moms on their teams and close the systematic gaps in workplace culture.

Employee Development

ELIXR's programs, written specifically for mothers, create a culture of coaching where everyone—ICs and leaders included, has access to coaching and development programs.

Through the neli platform, moms have access to on-demand content, live coaching, workshops, and more dedicated to their total well-being, including their physical and mental health and wellness.  

Organizational Sustainment

Our holistic programming revamps and rewires the workplace with a new way of supporting women at work, strengthening company culture and building a more resilient workforce.

What's Good for Your People is Always Good for Your Busines


Average Savings

For every 100 employees who move their company ratings from poor/fair to excellent


Average Savings

For every 100 employees who move their growth & development ratings from poor/fair to excellent


Preventable Turnover

More than 3/4 of professionals who leave a job voluntarily can be retained by employers with the right offerings.

What The Motherhood Initiative
Means for Moms

Partnering with us means providing total support for the families in your organization.

A Dedicated Community

Moms gain access to neli's vibrant community of working women dedicated to supporting each other and growing together. Companies receive a private space within the community to engage their employees.

This unique offering, when combined with company-wide training on matrescence and self-coaching, drives change and empowers individuals at every level of the organization.

Learning & Development

Executive teams and people managers receive access to consulting and coaching services that bridge the gaps between them and mothers, exposing the hidden impact these gaps have on the business and helping teams mitigate organizational risk.

Through our partnerships with doctors, lactation specialists, therapists, nutritionists, and more, we offer women holistic education dedicated to their total well-being.

They show up to work and in their families stronger, more resilient, and better prepared for the challenges working moms face.

Specialized Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Over 80% of working mothers say their job is more challenging during the first year of their child’s life. That's why we provide specialized resource specifically for moms navigating this transition.

The new moms in your workforce receive unprecedented all-inclusive support, from access to OBGYNs and lactation consultants to leave planning workshops and 1:1 return to work planning.

When we did a benefits review last quarter, I realized that I want to be a part of a company that gives women excellent support. That just shows that they care about their employees. It’s a reflection of a company.

A mother & Director of Client Advocacy at a Series E, $825M company
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ELIXR works with companies to address systematic gaps for women and mothers in the workplace. ELIXR's consulting and coaching services build organizational muscle around understanding motherhood, its hidden impact on businesses, and how to close these gaps for working moms and teams.

ELIXR’s programs include matrescence education (the transformation of becoming a mother), organizational empathy building, cultures of coaching including self-coaching, and sustained communities for working moms.  

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neli's platform provides a vibrant community of working moms the space to learn, share, and grow together, addressing the physical and emotional aspects of motherhood alongside corporate and career-focused content. It also provides leaders and HR teams with educational workshops and support, helping them engage and empower the moms in their workforces.

neli is the only platform where corporate leaders and career coaches work in tandem with doctors, therapists, and more to provide a holistic resource hub for the woman’s total well-being.

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